My Role
CX Design
UX Design
Description of the assignment
Design a new customer experience feature to provide better customer service, offload customer service employees and reduce costs.

Many of Comviq's customers preferred chatting with customer service to receive help with their questions with regards to their subscriptions. In order to offload its customer service employees, Comviq wanted to launch a chatbot.
Project Goals
1. Customer service 24/7
2. Helping customer service by letting Viq answer certain questions
3. Saving money by reducing customer service calls

Viq was launched in Facebook's Messenger platform. Given the size of the user base, the choice was easy.

Research methodology
Customer interviews
Prototype testing
Customer journey mapping

Me, together with a UX copy wrote some of the conversations and decided upon the tonality of Viq

The chatbot Viq was designed to support customers with answering simpler, recurring questions about invoices, subscriptions and prepaid cards. The customers would be able to chat with Viq through Facebook Messenger.

Engaging start
We introduced simple menus at the beginning of the conversation to get users to choose from the options. We could quickly see that the users were up and running quite directly on the category options.

Multiple languages
Considering a broad customer base, we made the decision to build Viq in both Swedish and in English.

We used to create prototypes which were then sent to the developers.

Project outcome
Two months after its launch, Viq generated savings of about 150,000 SEK per month in lowered customer service hours.
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