My Role
Creative direction
Project management
Stakeholder communication
Description of the assignment
I lead redesign of the Comviq digital identity projekt

Comviq needed to update its digital identity on the web to better reflect its corporate identity. We therefore started by defining clear form elements in Comviq's corporate identity that are currently missing from the web.


We started by defining elements in Comviq's corporate identity that were missing on the web. We then highlighted those elements and translated them into a digital format without compromising with UX, functionality, conversion and optimization.
Project Goals
1. Creating a strong brand presence with images, colors, icons and illustrations
2. Showing with examples how to implement DCID to pages
3. Creating a consistent design across all pages to create a strong brand
4. Addressing ”Digital First Experience” and ”Stand out”
5. Increasing collaboration between the marketing department and the product
6. Create a Design System
Research methodology
Stakeholder interviews
Prototype testing
User and usability tests
Generate personas
Information Architecture

Project outcome

Comviq's digital identity is now in phase with the rest of the brand identity such as outdoor, TV and adshels. Stronger brand presence and consistent look and feel.
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