My Role
UX Design
UI Design
Description of the assignment
Redesigning the Soundot app to give its users personal design options.

Wireframes / pre-concepts

Soundots is a speaker concept where you can build your speakers and control them via your app. Soundots wanted to enable its users to control the speakers separately. They also wanted their users to be able to to change the colors of the speakers through the app.

Onboarding wireflows

Sondots at a glance

Some of the screens I designed in Sketch.

As a user, you can change the color of your speaker using the app.

Close-up of the lower part of the app.

Close up of the equalizer

3D touch to access the menu where you can access additional functionality such as Bluetooth and input source.

Apple Watch integration to control the color of the speaker and the audio.

Close up of color selector.

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