SVT / 
Swedish public service television App
My Role
UX Design
UI Design
Prototyping and demoing
Stakeholder communication
Concept development
Usability tests (Both apps and Election Compass) 
Description of the assignment
I was UX/UI designer for SVT Nyheter & Sport App

SVT Nyheter & Sport currently has two apps that are widely used by news lovers who want independent and high-quality news in app format.
Project Goals
1. Creating new concepts for different segments 
2. Creating new navigation alternatives for new types of behavior 
3. Perform usability tests
4. Delivering design to the developers (iOS/Android)  
5. Weekly Stakeholder communication and participating in agile rituals
6. Improve accessibility according to WCAG 2.0
The assignment included working with SVT's UI kit based on creating new components, updating existing ones and communicating changes in Figma.

The assignment included working with SVT' s  App UI kit based on creating new components, updating existing ones and communicating changes in Figma.

Research methods
User interviews
User and usability tests
Prototype testing
Information Architecture
Design Studio
Design Sprint
Way of Work
Today, the SVT News and Sport app is developed by a team of developers who have both iOS and Android skills to create a world-class native experience. In the assignment, I had to come up with different solutions for different types of problems and improvements for different types of target groups.

Guide articles 
Completely new design of guide articles was made. One of the most read articles on SVT's News and Sport is guide articles that needed a new design to give the fans a native app experience. In the project, I developed different types of interaction design which I then tested with the users.

Push for sports lovers
To help our users personalize, we created a simple subscription feature. In this way, the user could receive notifications for the sports they wanted to receive notifications from and not for all sports..
Search results
Brand new search with improved visual design.
Project outcome

During the time I worked with the app, the app has become more intuitive, user-friendly and personalized. The app has also improved in terms of accessibility, which was also one of the requirements from SVT and the EU.
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