Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth / Tillväxtverket
My Role
UX / UI Design
Prototyping and demoing
Stakeholder communication
Workshop facilitation
Description of the assignment
The assignment as a UX designer consists of, based on frameworks and rules for how applications should work, drive the design work and contribute to designing the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth's system solutions around support management, both around application services as well as processing, follow-up and control processes.

We started by doing several workshops and interviews to come up with insights that will help us improve the system.

The Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth has been commissioned by the government to handle the support for short-term work (formerly known as short-term layoffs) which is aimed at companies that are hard hit by the consequences of covid-19.

This, and also other forms of support measures, are handled in the Nyps system that the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth develops and manages. The system includes e-services for companies, clients for processing and applications for statistics, follow-up and reporting.

Due to privacy, I can not view the system in its entirety. A more detailed presentation can be made on occasion.

Project Goals
1. Optimize the system for faster management
2. Create an easy-to-use interface
3. Develop new design and new functionality
4. Conduct workshops and drive innovation
5. Follow up on new functionality and improve usability

UI kit in Figma

Research methods
Customer interviews
User and usability tests
Prototype testing
User story mapping
Design Sprints

Project outcome
1. Over fifty improvements and new functionality have been implemented to improve handling times.
2. The improvements have been tested and validated by administrators with very good results.
3. I have introduced new ways of working as Design Sprints that TVV has not tried before.
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